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Getting Un-Stuck

You’re STUCK! You just can’t seem to get the timing for that flying change right, you can’t seem to quite make that jump from First Level to Second Level, you can’t quite see the striding for a 3′ course, but you can jump 2’6″ just fine, or you just can’t stop feeling anxious about the canter […]

The 4-Inch Difference

At a Ridefit clinic I taught recently, one of the riders was a fit and flexible woman who regularly participates in ballet classes. Her balance on the ground is highly developed, and so I expected her balance on her horse to be equally impressive. Yet, her balance on her horse simply did not measure up to […]

Sidelined? Don’t Let Your Riding Suffer!

We all get sidelined from riding, from time to time. Whether it’s because our horse is on the DL, or life happenings coming to bear, we all have those times when we are unable to ride due to circumstances beyond our control. During one such layup, I remember thinking that if I just had 2 […]

Holy Hamstrings!

Do you suffer from tight hamstrings? It has been well established in the medical community that tight hamstrings are a primary contributor to low back pain. So, it’s critically important for riders to address these tight hamstrings and build greater mobility into our lower bodies.   Let’s take a look at why tight hamstrings can present […]

The 4 Key Elements All Rider-Specific Fitness Programs Should Have

Yoga, spinning, Pilates, CrossFit®, P90X®, Zoomba®, the Bar Method, POUND… there are as many fitness programs and fads in the world as there are people to use them. Each one has its unique appeal and touted benefit, though all provide essentially the same underlying benefit – they challenge the body’s habituated movement patterns, develop muscular […]

Team Challenge

Ridefit 90-Day Rider Team Challenge   Get fit, ride better, and win great prizes all at the same time!   How it works: You and at least two of your fellow students (with the same riding instructor/trainer) can challenge each other to see who can earn the title “Most Improved Rider” by signing up for […]