Ride Fit

Finally, a fitness program that is FUN, EFFECTIVE, and designed JUST FOR RIDERS!

Having trouble comfortably sitting your horse’s gaits? Can’t quite get the timing of that flying lead change? Need a more effective half-halt? Getting left behind when the jumps get bigger? Have to ride multiple horses, but get exhausted before you can get them all worked? The Ridefit Program is literally just for you!

Never before has a fitness program been geared so specifically to the rider’s unique fitness needs. Never before has a truly effective, full body, functional fitness workout been this much fun! And never has a full-body workout been something you could do in your riding clothes, in the arena, and then climb straight on the horse for a great ride afterwards!

The Ridefit Program is a fun, fast-paced, integrated mind-body workout that results in greater strength, flexibility, proprioception (your body’s ability to adapt to changes in balance without conscious thought) and balance, on and off the horse. We guarantee you will see a noticeable difference in your riding with the Ridefit Program, or your money back! Try it out today, and get started on your “next level” riding goals!