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A Bit About Us

Ridefit was the brain child of Equestrian Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Tammy Prevo.

Tammy has nearly 30 years of experience in both equestrian sports and physical fitness.  She is certified as a Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, certified as a Fitness Trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association, as well as a Sports Nutritionist, and Equi-Yoga® instructor. Tammy was involved in sports from the time she was a child – playing basketball, volleyball, running track, cycling and mountain biking, as well as competing her horses in combined training and dressage – by far her greatest passion.

Immediately upon completing high school, Tammy enrolled in an Equestrian School closely associated with the British Horse Society in Ft. Worth, TX (of all places). There she learned all aspects of horse and stable management, equine fitness conditioning, and riding in the English disciplines of dressage, jumping and eventing.

Tammy’s fascination with fitness and sports rehabilitation for people was piqued when she developed tendonitis in both her knees while attending Artess StretchingEquestrian school, and experienced her first round of physical therapy. Tammy was so impressed by the watching the physical changes that Physical Therapy brought about, that she developed an interest in understanding how the body works, independently studying many aspects of health and fitness over the years, and having many opportunities (due to many sports injuries) to personally experience the benefits of Physical Therapy.

In 2008, Tammy started Wellness Revolution, a business dedicated to health and wellness coaching and products for people. Now, Tammy has combined her expertise in equestrian sport bio-mechanics, with her experience and knowledge of the human body and physical adaptation to develop fitness/conditioning programs for both horses and riders.

Tammy teaches clinics in which she is able to help riders find their natural balance, greater mobility, relaxation and confidence through simple exercises off the horse. The rider transformations in these clinics is sometimes quite dramatic, with all the horses moving more freely and happily forward at the end of each session.

Tammy also offers nutritional consultations for athletes who wish to optimize their athletic performance, and teaches mat yoga as well as Equi-Yoga to riders who wish to develop greater facility of movement with the horse.

In addition to human fitness, Tammy is also an equine exercise therapist, successfully rehabilitating horses with Trot Bendinga variety of lameness issues that defy traditional veterinary treatments, using common sense horse care techniques, complementary modalities such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage, and exercise therapy. Through this rehabilitation work, Tammy has given many horses a much more “sound” and higher quality of life than they would have otherwise had – often far out-performing their veterinary practitioner’s prognosis.

Tammy and Gato_smWhen she’s not teaching Ridefit workout classes, Instructor certification courses and rider fitness clinics, Tammy enjoys working with her two recovery horses, an off the track Thoroughbred named Sylvester, and an ex-reining Quarter Horse named Gato. She enjoys dressage (yoga for horses), jumping, hacking out, and cross-training the horses for optimum physical strength and soundness.