Whether you want to try a Ridefit workout, or are looking for products to support your fitness and wellness, this is the place to find it all!

Ridefit™ Services & Packages

Exercise In Front of ComputerRidefit Online

We offer private and group fitness training by Skype. No more excuses for working out! No more driving back and forth to the gym. 30 minute intensive sessions fit into anyone’s schedule.

Schedule sessions at your convenience, such as just before you head out to the barn, to get the absolute most out of your precious riding time!

Purchase single sessions or monthly packages. Reduced pricing is applied for monthly subscriptions.

Combine private and group sessions for a fun and varied fitness program.

Ridefit Instructor Image21-Month Rider Intensive Package – $499.00

Combine a ridden fitness assessment with personalized Ridefit workout sessions by Skype, and experience what Ridefit can do for you!

  • 60-minute Strategy & Goal Setting session
  • Ridden assessment by video
  • 8 Private Skype workout sessions (2 per week)
  • Unlimited Group Skype workout sessions
  • 15 Minute Rider Warmup video – Ridefit anywhere, anytime
  • Ridefit Reflections™ e-mail – education, motivation and inspiration in your inbox weekly

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Try Ridefit Now! Watch sample Ridefit videos, subscribe to the online Ridefit program, or Find a Ridefit class near you!Read MoreRidefit 90-Day Power Program – $1997.00

Ride better and perform at your peak physical capability with this “Power Program” for riders who are serious about riding at their very best. This program is great for anyone who wishes to lose weight as part of their Ridefit experience, as well as professionals who want to optimize their physical health and capability.

This is the ultimate High Performance fitness program for riders.

Starring Taryn and Tammy ImagePackage includes:

  • 60 Minute Strategy & Goal setting session
  • Rider assessment to customize program
  • Metabolic Makeover nutritional supplements
  • 36 Private Ridefit sessions by Skype
  • Unlimited group Ridefit sessions by Skype
  • 15 Minute Rider Warmup video to take with you anywhere
  • Weekly accountability worksheets and check-in
  • Ridefit Reflections™ e-mail – education, motivation and inspiration in your inbox weekly
  • Access to the private Ridefit Facebook group for support, encouragement and accountability
































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